Introduction to JavaScript and Node.js
Saturday, 1st July 2017

(applications have now closed)
This is a free one-day workshop with two tracks.

Introduction to JavaScript is for complete beginners, teaching JavaScript and programming skills from scratch. You'll learn what programming is, how to get started, and will walk away having written your first piece of code.

Backend Development with Node.js will introduce you to server-side JavaScript. You'll build a server using the popular Express framework, and leave with an understanding of how to build a full stack web application. No previous knowledge of Express or Node.js required!  However, you will need to be comfortable with basic JavaScript. 

Pusher will be hosting us at their offices in Shoreditch. The workshop runs 10-4pm, with casual drinks afterwards for anybody who'd like to stay and chat. Delicious lunch and snacks are included (dietary requirements catered for).

This workshop is for women and non-binary folk. We have a Code of Conduct:
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